Our services

Italian Design

The way a product is presented when marketed is essential for its success. It’s not just about aesthetics, but also, and more importantly, about communication and functionality. 

We focus on company requirements and we know how the market works. This is why we create appealing designs that are also easy to industrialise.

We develop our own practical and innovative die-cutters for new packs and display systems, which we create in collaboration with our trusted suppliers or with those suggested by our clients. Our design and production is made in Italy.

Every single project we develope is tailor-made, because each situation is different and product communication is the best and most consistent way to show all its features.

We design any type of
packaging, as well as the communication material that accompanies the product to the outlet:

  • labels
  • boxes
  • cases
  • leaflets
  • brochures
  • kits
  • counter displays
  • floor displays
  • window signs
  • window decals
  • brochures
  • roll ups